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Great Things Happened At Camp

      The 3 week NextGen Camps in the Southwest District of Foursquare finished July the 13th. There were four incredible camps in which over 1,200 students and 300 hundred leaders, experienced an undeniable move of God. 
       There were a total of 7 kids from Victorious who attended the Camps.  The Camps theme was “CREATED.”  The Teens and kids were built up with God’s Word regarding who they are in Christ Jesus. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident in every meeting and every activity.  Hundreds received Jesus as their Lord and were baptized with the Holy Spirit, spoke in other languages and some prophesied!

       It wasn’t always easy to deal with some of the teens and kids, but the Lord heard the cry of our hearts as leaders, and He touched them deeply in spite of all the things that they were dealing with on the inside. Many kids returned to the Lord and were happy to be close with Him again. Others received forgiveness of sins and received God’s grace to forgive. Several kids said they knew they needed to stop bulling their siblings and kids around them.  Everyone was in awe as God showed them He was very real through all kind of signs and wonders.




Youth Camp 

       It was great to hear the testimonies of many kids who got to know what God was calling them to do in the near and distant future. Problems were broken and many kids stopped believing the lies of the devil which were spoken to them, through their parents and others who mistreated them.

       There were many healings confirmed and even miracles, like the one of Jackson Abbott, a 13 years old, who had scoliosis and one of his arms was 2 inches shorter than the other.  After our group prayed for him, the Lord made his arm grow to the same size as the other,  right in front of our eyes. His back pain caused by the scoliosis left him and a disk out of place was totally healed. Our God is very, very  Awesome!  Praise be to God for His great love demonstrated for all the kids!